Huff Farms Finds Success in First Season

Bobby and Erica in hemp shadehouse

After an educational first season, Bobby and Erica McNamee learned many lessons in their new venture, Huff Farms. 

Bobby and Erica, with the help of their families, started farming in 2020. The couple quickly realized a need in the market for high-quality and locally grown hemp products and have also started Huff’s Puffs, selling smokable CBD and prerolls. 

When their friends, Levonna and Linda of Black Bear Ridge Farm shared their ideas and introduced the duo to the Treadwells. The couple found themselves surrounded by a group that would be willing to share with them and help them on their new journey. With their community and serving others in mind, the couple decided to begin farming and leave a strong legacy for their family. 

“We’re working for our daughter’s future and we’ve included our families to also leave show them how much we’ve appreciated our families’ help over the years and recognize the hard work that they put in and hopefully we can give that to our daughter.”

Huff Farms tested a few different varieties and has found success with a few but is looking forward to finding new genetics and cultivating seedling that was grown with Florida’s climate in mind. As pioneers in the industry, the McNamee’s know that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create something that can positively impact their community.


We have some acres with just grass what does ot take to get started with hemp?

Does growing hemp make money and how much to get started? Is it hard on our land? How often do we need to rotate crops?

ANTHONY M Garofalo

im trvld love to work and lrn

Stephen Lewandowski

Send me your contact information

David Adkins

Do you have a phone number and location

Reta Fae Grant

I was interested in connecting with growers in Broward county as I just received my permit to grow hemp. Is there a list so I can contact others? I was thinking of asking their assistance in my endeavor.

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