Huff Farms Finds Success in First Season

Bobby and Erica in hemp shadehouse

After an educational first season, Bobby and Erica McNamee learned many lessons in their new venture, Huff Farms. 

Bobby and Erica, with the help of their families, started farming in 2020. The couple quickly realized a need in the market for high-quality and locally grown hemp products and have also started Huff’s Puffs, selling smokable CBD and prerolls. 

When their friends, Levonna and Linda of Black Bear Ridge Farm shared their ideas and introduced the duo to the Treadwells. The couple found themselves surrounded by a group that would be willing to share with them and help them on their new journey. With their community and serving others in mind, the couple decided to begin farming and leave a strong legacy for their family. 

“We’re working for our daughter’s future and we’ve included our families to also leave show them how much we’ve appreciated our families’ help over the years and recognize the hard work that they put in and hopefully we can give that to our daughter.”

Huff Farms tested a few different varieties and has found success with a few but is looking forward to finding new genetics and cultivating seedling that was grown with Florida’s climate in mind. As pioneers in the industry, the McNamee’s know that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create something that can positively impact their community.


David Adkins

Do you have a phone number and location

Reta Fae Grant

I was interested in connecting with growers in Broward county as I just received my permit to grow hemp. Is there a list so I can contact others? I was thinking of asking their assistance in my endeavor.

Willie Maikit

Lisa, contact me and I’ll send you some North Florida Sativa Flower, with an effective CBD/Hemp blend

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Great article! thank you so much for sharing this blog.

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I was not aware until today that farmers in our great state were getting into to the hemp industry. I am elated about this. I am an mmj patient who has system wide medical issues. A serious drawback to treatment with mmj is that people like me can be very sensitive to a high THC medicinal plant. It is also hard to find a strain that is your ‘goldilocks’ fit and when you find it, you can be sure it isn’t going to always be in stock. Remedy and Harle-Tsu are 2 strains in particular that jive with me real well but they are really hard to find and fly off the shelves at the dispensary the self same day they arrive.

At least with high CBD low THC hemp flower, you’re going to find something that jives with you without a serious episodic effect. Your endocannabinoid system doesn’t really care about the strain of hemp you buy and it will use it effectively any old how. It is just a matter of flavor and effect at this point. Most folks shop for flavor and a specific desired strain specific effect. Me? I need medicine and couldn’t care less about the flavor profiles because I have seriously painful conditions to treat.

I do have favorites like Hawaiian Haze, Cherry Wine and Remedy, but when pickins are slim, I know that I can go with a different strain with similar effects and not be mad with the results. At the end of the day, it is about the effectiveness of your medicine.

When these farms get fired up good, I will be the happiest person in Florida knowing that I will be contributing to our Florida growers and economy buy purchasing quality hemp from our very own growers in our own state. All of ya’ll will have a lifetime customer in me for sure. Blessings for the crops and good fortune to all.

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