Bobby & Erica McNamee, Huff Farms

Bobby and Erica McNameeBobby and Erica, Lake County natives are first-generation farmers. Both Bobby and Erica, with the help of their families started farming in 2020. The McNamee’s credit the team and the people around them with their success.

Erica grew up in Umatilla and Bobby grew up in Eustis. They knew that they wanted to start their family here and stay in the close-knit community. 

“This is something different and a great opportunity for us to do something to build our future together,” said Erica. “I would add to that, it is exciting to grow something that will turn in to a product that will help people that really need it,” added Bobby. 

Both entrepreneurs, both Bobby and Erica operate their own businesses. Erica in insurance and Bobby in masonry, which is a trade passed down to him through his family.

Erica met Linda Topping and Lavonna Witt of Black Bear Ridge Farms and talked at length to them about their new hemp venture. The McNamee’s took interest and were presented with a unique opportunity to plant hemp and decided to plant their crop in a shade house. 

“We are so thankful to have Florida Hemp Farmers and all of the resources and the community to lend their knowledge to rookie farmers, it’s really special,” said Bobby. 

They noted that they have had a lot of helping hands through Florida Hemp Farmers and have been quickly accepted into the agricultural family that has been built by the Treadwell family. 

“I’ve been outside and am used to hard work but after farming, I have brand new respect for farmers,” said Bobby, “It’s hard.”

The McNamees look forward to growing with the business and providing a foundation for their family and their daughter. They are excited for the future of Florida hemp and to create a business that can produce a product that can help others and leave a positive legacy for their family and their daughter. 

“We’re working for her future and we’ve included our families to also leave show them how much we’ve appreciated our families’ help over the years and the hard work that they put in and hopefully we can give that to our daughter.”

Huff Farms is looking to test various varieties of hemp plants and production methods. As pioneers in the industry, there is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create something that can positively impact their community. 

“We’re excited to start this from the roots up,” said Bobby. 


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