J.D. Glass, Viridis Farms

J.D Glass in his field of hemp

Viridis (Latin): green, young, fresh, lively, lush

J.D. Glass is a fourth generation farmer and second generation nurseryman who learned the business from his father James A. Glass. After growing up in the family business and noticing the overcrowded marketplace in foliage and shrinking margins, J.D. took a “city job,” but now, finds himself back in agriculture some ten years later with the opportunity hemp has promised.

J.D. started Viridis Farms, LLC with the goal to produce quality hemp with the belief that hemp and its beneficial compounds can really help people. He holds this strong belief as many close friends and family members attribute a health recovery either partly or majorly to the use of CBD.

“Really, it’s the hemp that drew me back to the nursery business,” J.D. said. “The stars aligned for me to come back with a place to farm and a crop that could support a small business.” J.D. added he likes the idea of being able to raise a family on a family farm and in a close-knit community. Growing hemp can offer a lifestyle that appeals to him.

“It’s not often that a crop becomes ‘un-illegal’,” J.D. explained.  One of his concerns is that many people do not understand the difference between hemp and its cannabis cousin marijuana. Often, the stigma associated with marijuana is unfairly placed on hemp.

“Hemp is a unique crop, and provides an opportunity for Viridis Farms to find its place,” says J.D.  He explained that many farms can benefit from the new Florida crop. “Larger farms can see a great return by growing the crop for fiber or grain while smaller farms have the ability to make a profit by growing a premium hemp product for flower or resinous CBD or CBG production. That’s our goal, to grow the finest hemp we can. Artisanal Hemp is our niche.” Viridis Farms has both greenhouse and outdoor grow areas to fit the hemp strain to the conditions it prefers to create the best possible product.

After seeing what the Treadwells were doing with hemp processing, J.D. was excited to partner with them and the other members of Florida Hemp Farmers, who share a common goal and community. He looks forward to his hemp being grown, processed, and sold locally.

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