Mo & George Todd, We Todd Farms

Mo and George Todd

Mo and George Todd, a father and son farming duo began farming hemp in Eustis, Florida in July 2020. Mo’s background is no stranger to hemp and cannabis products. Mo owns an equipment distribution company and has been involved in the cannabis industry for many years. 

Both Mo and George have planted their own plots of hemp. They also share a field with Blackbear Ridge Farms and Witt Family Farms. 

“I take a lot of pride in what we are doing here,” said Mo Todd. 

George, the state’s youngest licensed hemp farmer, gained a unique perspective on farming and hemp products. After a traumatic brain injury, George developed epilepsy. After trying various traditional pharmaceuticals to treat his epilepsy, George found little relief. After moving to Colorado to seek alternative medicines to treat his condition, George found that both medical marijuana and CBD helped treat and reduce his seizures. 

George attended college in Colorado but when he learned of the opportunity to grow hemp in Florida, he made the decision to move in with his dad and began growing hemp.

“This has been a big jump for me but I am interested in growing my own medicine and controlling what goes into it and determining what can help with my epilepsy.”

“There is a lot that there can be done with hemp, CBD, and medical marijuana,” explained George.

George explained that he plans to continue the farm with his dad and to take this further in the future. 

Several varieties of hemp are produced on the shared plot between three farms, We Todd Farms, Black Bear Ridge Farms, and Witt Farms. “We all have a like mindset and a common goal. They have been great neighbors and partners in producing the hemp that we have,” said Mo.

As a fledgling industry in the state of Florida, the learning curve and the unknown are aplenty. The Todds have had to rapidly adapt to new changes and the challenges of having a little regulatory framework for the industry presents its own challenges. Like many of the farmers that are a part of Florida Hemp Farmers, the farm leans on the expertise of others and of their community to help grow a successful product. 

Todd said that he sees hemp expanding in Florida, not only for medicinal purposes but for fiber and as remedial crops and much more. 

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