Wade Payne, Native Son Greenhouses

A Zellwood area native, Wade Payne started his nursery in the area in 2000. For more than 20 years, Payne has been growing various types of foliage, including ivy and pothos, and field crops at Native Sun Nursery. With more than 30-year history in the foliage industry, when Payne learned his long-time friend, Sonny Scott was growing a new crop, he thought that it was an intriguing opportunity to break away from the norm. 

“It’s so exciting to grow something new. This crop is totally different than others that I have grown and it has been exciting to have a hand in something new,” said Payne. 

Payne is able to grow hemp in his greenhouses, where he hopes to be able to grow hemp to sell smokable flower and cannabinoid-rich oils. 

“Some of my family members use CBD and have seen great results. They have been recommending it to friends,” he added. 

One thing that Payne said he is excited about is the prospect of helping to produce a product that is locally grown and processed, and can truly help people. He feels that many people including those in his community have been looking for local produce and products, especially at this time.

“Over the last few years, many people have been trending toward the farm-to-table movement. I think CBD is going to be the same. People want to meet their farmers and are curious about where their food comes from. I’m glad we can grow something to benefit our community. I hope this trend continues,” Payne mentioned. 

He is also trying out different varieties and ways to produce hemp in the greenhouse and plans to share his success with the other Florida Hemp Farmers. Payne has two sons and said that he hopes to be able to teach his sons more about growing hemp. 

Payne looks to further help his community by recycling the soil used growing hemp by sharing it with gardeners in the community after composting.
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